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Our Culture

1. We prefer seed investments into early stage enterprises including:

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Proof of concept
  3. Pre-revenue
  4. Nascent revenue

2. We evaluate based on market, product, and entrepreneur.

3. We prefer 100% commitment of time of entrepreneur to the enterprise. We do not work with those who moonlight; however attractive that idea is.

4. We prefer enteprises that seek to earn value from the market they serve; not the hope of a subsequent acquisition by a larger player or a bigger investor.

5. We prefer those with awesome emphasis on design, user interface and user experience even at prototype stage.

6. We receive too many requests. If you have not heard from us within three days, we are not interested.

7. We respect your time. We revert with a response to your initial proposal within three days; provided your proposal does not exceed three pages. We do not read the fourth and subsequent pages.

8. We respect your time. We try and do deals within two weeks after we express interest; if you are ready with what we require.

9. Yes, we can take you to a wider group of angel investors if your proposal is too big for us.

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